Take back drowning in ocean blue eyes.

Take back my beauty in breath taking skies.

Take back your mouth on my mouth,

breathing us in.

Rewind the circles your fingers traced on my skin.

Pack up your room. Dismantle your bed.

Swap sheets soaked with sweat

for ice-cold dawn instead.

Retrace each step,

tuck in outstretched arms.

Call off the storm and bring back the calm.

Return my lip from your teeth,

unwind your fingers from my hair,

clear down the table and push back the chair.

Delete every photograph, erase every word,

unplug the connection to every lyric we heard.

Remove your smile and your smell and your voice.

Let me return to when I had a choice.

Unlock the safe. Take your hand from the lid.

The bruises lasted longer,

than your promises ever did.



Louisa Penny

Freelance Copywriter and Writer of Literary Fiction. Published in Curate Mag and Litro Online